another targeted conservative

Amy photographing the Transgender Rights parade 
and festival in Northampton 
(June 2008).

"Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..."

At Article 8 Alliance - MassResistance demonstration, 2004.

I edited, as well as contributing most or all of the video:

LGBT activists outside federal courthouse at Pastor Scott Lively hearing
(on absurd charge of "crimes against humanity"),
Springfield, Mass., Jan. 2013.
[Video posted August 2013].
UPDATE: On Wednesday, August 14,  2013, a federal judge denied a motion to dismiss the charge and ruled that a Soros-backed pro-homosexual "civil rights" organization, the Center for Constitutional Rights, can move forward and sue Pastor Scott Lively. (Details on that case here.)

Lunacy: Mass. Transgender Rights Bill signing, Jan. 2012:
Part I - People  &  Part II - Speeches
Transgender and homosexual radicals descend on the Massachusetts State House on January 19, 2012 for a ceremonial signing of the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill (passed in November 2011). The bizarre concept of "gender identity" takes on new life as Governor Deval Patrick signs the bill for the cameras. The new law affects government, private business, commerce, insurance, real estate, schools, etc. Those who disagree can be fined or even imprisoned. "Gender identity" is now included as a protected class under the "hate crimes" statute as well. This is institutionalized lunacy.  [Videos posted Dec. 2012]

Boston Gay Pride events, June 2012: 

Part I
 - flag raising at City Hall, and Boston Dyke March 
Part II - the parade with elected officials, dancing boys and cross-dressers, corporate groups, church groups, sadomasochists, little children, etc.

Massachusetts GLBT Youth Pride & BAGLY Prom, May 2012

Massachusetts GLBT Youth Pride festival & parades
May 2011,
Part I  &  Part II 

Occupy Boston and GLBT radicals crash Tea Party event in Boston (on April 15, 2012).  The Boston Police stood by and let them disrupt the permitted Tea Party rally.
    Video 1: "1, 2, 3-4-5, Fetuses are not alive! 6, 7, 8-9-10, We will not be slaves again!"
"Racist, sexist, anti-queer! Get your hatred out of here!"
    Video 2: "Shame! Shame!  
"Hey Hey! Ho Ho! The Tea Party has got to go!"
    Video 3: Dr. Scott Lively's closing prayer. Wild heckling.

Trans activist sign at riot vs. Tea Party (April 15, 2012).
"CIS" refers to non-transgender people.

Maggie Gallagher, co-founder (& then President), National Organization for Marriage and President, Institute for Marriage & Public Policy -- "Gay Marriage" Forum at Boston College Law School on Nov. 16, 2009.
Her weak defense of real marriage reveals her pro-"gay rights" sympathies. She argues against homosexual "marriage" without reference to homosexuality or morality. Her main argument for real marriage is that children need both a mother and father, yet she says she's fine with adoptions by homosexuals: "It's possible that gay couples could on average be much better parents than opposite-sex couples precisely because they don't have children as a result of sexual passion." 

URINETOWN - aka Occupy Boston" (from October 2011). 
A stroll through the encampment of dedicated anarchists, union thugs, and useful idiots at "Occupy Boston" on the afternoon of October 11, 2011. The camp was located across from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and South Station, on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

**  Mitt Romney's Deception: BOOK PREVIEW  ** 

Anthony Weiner degrading himself at New York "Gay Pride" parade, June 29, 2008. [Posted 6/19/11.]

Transgender Lobby Day at the Massachusetts State House (Jan. 2010) 
Yes, these are all men.

C. J. Doyle (Catholic Action League of Mass.), retired Supreme Court
Justice Nolan, and others at South Boston Tea Party
 (August 2010)

Boston Dyke March during Boston Gay Pride Week (June 2008)
Gov. Deval Patrick marches with teenage daughter at Boston Pride Parade 
(June 2008) - They appear right after the leather-sadomasochist group [MassResistance

Transagender Pride March, Northampton, Mass. (June 2008)

Massachusetts GLBT Youth Pride (May 2007) 

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