How Elena Kagan Helped "Queer" Harvard Law School (2010)

Kevin Jennings - GLSEN founder, homosexual radical, O'bama's "Safe Schools" Czar (2009-2010)

"Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings' 1993 template for sexual-radical indoctrination in the schools  (May 2011)

Massachusetts Pandemic Bill analysis (Dec. 2009)

Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill in Massachusetts (original  2007 report)

Analysis of GLBT propaganda play, "The Laramie Project" (2007)

Planned Parenthood sex-ed "health" bill - analysis (2006-2010)

MassResistance blog
- a sampling:

Romney's Pro-"Gay Rights" Legal Counsel Endorsed by Radical GLBT Lobby (Sept. 2010)

Elena Kagan: Open Advocate for Radical GLBT Causes at Harvard (May 2010)

BAGLY and Kevin Jennings: Outrages by a Favorite GLSEN Ally (April 2010)

Hate Central: Southern Poverty Law Center
 (April 2010) 

Kevin Jennings Funded "Gay" Prize at Harvard;  Helped Radicalize University (Jan. 2010)

Kevin Jennings ... Recap (Dec. 2009)

Southern Poverty Law Center Identified as "HATE GROUP" (Mar. 2008) & here (Oct. 2009)  

"Gender Expression" Defined in Photos (June 2009)

Homofascist Intimidation HQ "Villa" Celebrated in Boston Globe (Nov. 2008)

Acton-Boxborough's Fall Play Directed Students to Racist "Gay" Porn (March 2008)

Transgender Restroom Etiquette - excerpts from "Peeing in Peace" (Feb. 2008)

AP Stylebook and Trans Madness (Feb. 2008)

Real Man, Pretend Man, and the Democratic National Committee (Jan. 2008)

Concord-Carlisle High School Hosting V-Day Trash (Jan. 2008)

Tim Gill's Donations to Mass. Legislators (July 2007)

VoteOnMarriage Failed the People (June 2007)

Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick Celebrating Porn, Risky Sex & Depravity at Boston Pride (June 2007)

Finneran-Lang-Eagan Axis of Evil
(Mass. House Speaker, supposedly pro-marriage, issued House Proclamation celebrating a “gay wedding” in 2004; post from June 2007)

Boston Doctor Behind Puberty-Blocking Drugs for "Transgender Children" Is Allied with Dangerous Groups (Apr. 2007)

Are Barbara Walters and ABC Advocating Child Abuse? (April 2007)

Polygamy & BDSM Advocate Behind Anti-Bullying Programs in Schools (Feb. 2007)

Sen. Dianne Wilkerson: Bought by MassEquality (Sept. 2006)

PFLAG’s Transcending Boundaries conference (Oct 2006) and here (Sept 2007) & their workshops focusing on children 
(Jan. 2007) & one of the  transsexual conference speakers (Feb. 2008)

Harvard, Truth, and Transgenderism (Sept. 2006)

Gov. Candidates Gabrieli and Patrick Favor "Transgender Rights" (Sept. 2006)

Who Is Patrick Guerriero? (Aug. 2006)

PUMP's (Safe Sex) "Outreach" at Youth Pride (July 2006)

Fenway Community Health Supports Scenes from Hell (Theater Offensive “safe sex outreach” at cruising grounds; June 2006)

"Daddy is a Tranny" at "Boston Pride" (June 2006)

BAGLY Pushing Our Children Into Sex Changes (May 2005)
Adoptions by Homosexual Couples Were Key (Waltham House for GLBT Youth; Dept. of Social Service diversity training sessions; Mar. 2005)

Author (holding "Remove Marshall" sign) speaking with MassEquality
acquaintance at the Massachusetts State House, Sept. 2005.

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