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Massachusetts Dept. of Children & Families “weeding out” foster & adoptive parents
who won’t support children’s LGBT identities
 (July 2013; updated April 2014)

NIH LifeSkills Project, Mass. LGBT Youth Pride, and the Dancing Boys of Boston:
Supporting transgender male youth in prostitution
(June 2013)

Porn in Massachusetts Schools (May 2013)

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LGBT activists outside federal courthouse at Pastor Scott Lively hearing
(on charge of "crimes against humanity"), Springfield, Mass., Jan. 2013
Lunacy: Massachusetts Transgender Rights Bill signing, Jan. 2012  (
Part I - People &  Part II - Speeches)
Boston Pride events, June 2012 (Part I & Part II)
                 Mass. GLBT Youth Pride festivals & parades (May 2011, Part I & Part II;  and May 2012)

Telling the truth about Mitt Romney's record:

Mitt Romney's Deception: His Stealth Promotion of
"Gay Rights" and "Gay Marriage" in Massachusetts

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   How “Gay Marriage” Came to Massachusetts
    Governor Mitt Romney’s Failure in a Constitutional Crisis (e-book)
 Romney vs. Family Values: The Romney Administration's Radical
Homosexual Programs Targeting Children in Massachusetts (e-book)


Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall's absurd "gay marriage" opinion (Goodridge, Nov. 18, 2003) was given life by Governor Romney, who ordered his executive departments to implement it in violation of the Massachusetts Constitution. To this date (2013), the Mass. Legislature has still not changed the one man-one woman marriage law to allow for homosexual "marriage" (as requested, not ordered, by the Mass. Court). After enabling this most egregious example of judicial activism since Roe v. Wade, Mitt Romney said he would nominate only conservative originalists to the U.S. Supreme Court if elected President.

Photo below: Chief Justice Margaret Marshall (impersonator) shreds the Massachusetts Constitution at a MassResistance demonstration in front of the "Imperial Judicial Palace."  Governor Mitt Romney was her accomplice.  (I am on left, protesting the $150 million Supreme Judicial Court building renovation in 2005 .)