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Romney E-Book Gay Marriage

(Published January 2012)

What the Republican Establishment and Romneybots don't want you to know!

How “Gay Marriage” Came to Massachusetts: Governor Mitt Romney’s Failure in a Constitutional Crisis

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This is an excerpt from my 2011 print edition, “MITT ROMNEY’S DECEPTION: His Stealth Promotion of ‘Gay Rights’ and ‘Gay Marriage’ in Massachusetts” (available at Amazon). Only a few minor changes have been made from that edition, and a brief commentary from November 2011 has been added.

The focus of these chapters is the constitutional crisis of “gay marriage” in Massachusetts (2002-2006) and Governor Mitt Romney’s lack of leadership. While candidate Romney is now pledging to appoint only strict constitutionalists to the federal bench, as Governor he unconstitutionally enforced a Massachusetts high court ruling – enabling the judicial activism he now says he opposes. Despite his claims that he did all he could to protect marriage, Romney’s failure to uphold the Massachusetts Constitution resulted in the illegal issuance of null-and-void marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Further, he had failed to support a strong, early marriage amendment proposal, and his later assurances that a constitutional amendment was sure to pass proved false.

This Kindle edition includes almost 300 detailed endnotes with live links, and over 50 exclusive color photographs.

Mitt Romney’s record is not one conservatives can support.

(See “MITT ROMNEY'S DECEPTION” for full details on Romney’s admitted support of “gay rights." It includes a compendium of his public statements, a review of his record as Governor promoting that cause, and the story of his support for radical homosexual and transgender programs in the Massachusetts public schools.)


CHAPTER V – How “Gay Marriage” Came to Massachusetts: The Governor Kowtows to Judicial Tyrants
Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court declares sodomy “marriage” a constitutional right
Romney’s action and inaction on Court ruling
What actually happened
The Goodridge “gay marriage” ruling
What happened in the months following the Goodridge ruling
Gov. Romney’s specific actions implementing same-sex marriage
Gov. Romney’s advisors on the marriage ruling, 2003-2004
It did not have to end this way
Romney tries to cover his tracks
Background sources
Primary documents

CHAPTER VI – The Conservative Establishment’s Failed Massachusetts Marriage Amendments & the Grassroots Effort to Remove the “Gay Marriage” Judges
Romney’s failing long-shot strategy: Amend the Constitution
History of marriage amendments in Massachusetts
Romney was complicit in this failure
The Bill of Address to remove the four Massachusetts Supreme Court Justices – Why did Romney not support this effort?

CHAPTER VII – My Letter from Mitt: Romney’s April 2004 Letter Reveals Weak, Unprincipled Leadership during the Constitutional Crisis

CHAPTER VIII – Timeline: Governor Mitt Romney’s Role Creating “Gay Marriage” in Massachusetts

COMMENTARY - Mitt Romney's Other Flip-Flop: Follow the Court or the Constitution?

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