Kevin Jennings

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Kevin Jennings Author of 1993 Education Report 
to the Massachusetts Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth

Template for Homosexual and Transgender Activism in Schools
across the U.S.

MassResistance Special Report
By Amy Contrada
© 2011
May 2011

Kevin Jennings in 2011. (Bay Windows photo)

In early 1993, Kevin Jennings – Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” from 2009 to 2011 – authored the Education Committee report for the revolutionary Massachusetts “Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth.” Titled Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth: Breaking the Silence in Schools and in Families, it was the template for the “Safe Schools” programs in the Massachusetts Department of Education.

The ideas Jennings crystallized in this report provided the seeds for expansion of his organization GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) on the national level. The report also served as a model for other states’ programs. Now, Jennings has carried its ideas to the federal Department of Education, Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools. Given its historical significance, his 1993 report deserves scrutiny....


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