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SEE PAST REPORTS at MassResistance:

Depraved BDSM (sado-masochist) conventions - protected by sexual orientation non-discrimination laws 
(March 13, 2019)

Summary of Lecture on "Humiliation" at CLAW by BDSM Psychologist & Participant (Jan. 2019)

Petition to Stop CLAW event in Cleveland (2019)

List of “No-Go Hotels" by city and state (Jan. 2019)

"BDSM" - the next LGBT push on society. Depraved, dangerous behaviors are now taking place at major hotels across the country (May 25, 2018)


OPEN LETTER - March 31, 2019


To the Mayor of Cleveland, Cleveland City Council, Cleveland Department of Public Health, Cuyahoga County Council


People around the country are asking you to cancel the depraved and dangerous BDSM event, CLAW (Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend), scheduled to take place in the Cleveland Westin, Marriott, Hampton Inn, and Aloft during the last weekend of April 2019.

Are you aware of the activities that go on throughout the hotel? Look at CLAW’s sponsor websites, including Nasty Kink Pigs and Square Peg Toys.

See CLAW’s past yearbooks for listings of events and classes plus photos.

Some of CLAW’s 2019 Classes 

Fisting/Ass Play: Using Extreme Depth Toys 15"+ More Safely [inserted into rectum]

Fisting: Advanced [pushing fist/wrist up another’s rectum]

Cleaning Out: I Like Clean Butts (I cannot lie!)

Scat: Not the Musical Kind [Feces play & ingestion]

Rimming [licking another’s anus]

The Art of Cruising and Protecting Body Autonomy


Piss Play 101

Power Exchange: Interrogation

Authority Differential Dynamics vs. Intimate Partner Violence

Sounding [“cock screws” - catheters inserted into urethra, sometimes with electric shock]

Whips: Extreme Single Tailing

Fire Play

Nipples: Things that Pinch

Ballbusting [testicle torture]

Piercing: Needle Play

Electro [electric shock especially to genitals]

Corrections, Discipline, and Punishments

Tying up the Johnsons [penis torture]

Some CLAW classes in previous years

See CLAW yearbooks for more descriptions like this.

Actual Crucifixion (2017):

Anal Fisting (2018):

A page from CLAW’s 2017 yearbook:

A page from CLAW’s 2018 yearbook:

Photos from recent CLAW events

from CLAW website, Facebook, or Yearbooks

Fisting toys (for insertion in rectum) from vendor at CLAW:

Fisting sling at CLAW 2017:

Suggestion for “humiliation” activity from lecturer at CLAW 2018

“Rimming” (licking anus) – CLAW 2018 advertisement:

Fisting stool for rent at CLAW

"Pups” servicing their master (CLAW 2018 Facebook):

CLAW participant:

CLAW 2018 online ad for naked party in hotel:

“Saline” refers to injecting a saline solution into the testicles and penis to enlarge them:

Cleveland also allows dangerous “bathhouses” to operate, including the “FLEX Spa” which participates in the CLAW weekend:

Online ad for CLAW 2018: 

CLAW Vendor Hall - "Fist, Fuck, Rim":


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